Boggs is awesome. Let's keep it that way by following these simple rules.


Especially you, kid.


Parking at Boggs is tight, so we all have to work together to make it fit.

If you arrive before Saturday, please DON'T park at the main parking lot near the entrance (Cal Fire Station), we will reserve that space for same-day parking. You can park on the right side of Road 500 (main road going up to Calso Camp) and any fire road, if there is room and as long as you leave at least 14 feet for fire truck access and you stay off the seedlings. We will mark the spaces but please use your best judgement. High clearance vehicles can park at "Building Pad" site, which is to be entered through Horse Camp (van camp).

This Google Maps link will take you to the Cal Fire Station on Forestry Road.


Camping is not allowed in Boggs Demonstration State Forest except for the event weekend!
Campsites must be pre-purchased Boggs no longer supports first-come/first-serve camping. Due to changes in forestry management, there's a diligence that must be adhered to so we can easily crowd-manage. When you register, you are able to select a campsite. If you did not already select a campsite but did already register, and wish to add a campsite to your entry please email us, and we'll get you straightened out. Your $50 campsite is good for Friday AND Saturday night.

Due to limited space, RVs and Trailers will be strictly prohibited at the Boggs 8 Hour race. No exceptions.

Camping is available to those with vans, cabovers, car or tent ONLY. We have very limited non tent camping, at Horse Camp only, so please let us know if you're planning on sleeping in a van/vehicle (again, no trailers or RVs).

Tent camping will be similar to what we offer at Wente, if you're familiar with that event: spots are first come first served, you can unload your vehicle near your tent site but you CANNOT PARK THERE.

Tent camping is allowed at the following locations (only): Calso Camp, Ridge Camp and Group Camp. Van camping is allowed at Horse Camp only (and has limited space). We will have portalets/standard toilets at each of these camps, but remember that there is no water or other amenities at Boggs.


Wood fires are possibly allowed (please inquire with us when you check in on the latest word from CalFire). If wood fires are permitted, they will ONLY be allowed in the pre-existing group fire rings that must be shared with all guests-- not in your own campsite except in above-ground propane heaters/fire pits. Dress in layers. Wear a headlamp.

QUIET HOURS: 10:00 pm - 6:00 am

Fun is typically associated with loudness. People (and blow-up dinosaurs) tend to argue that "too much fun" is an urban legend that is used by some to restrict the debauchery of others. In reality, "too much fun" is a very real thing and is typically had at the expense of others who paid for at least some reasonable level of respect for sleep. For this reason, "fun" after 10:00 pm is restricted to fun that others cannot hear. And it is a hard rule -- At 10:00pm, loudness will be considered grounds for banishment. We will enforce this.


Not dry as in you can't drink, but dry in that there's no water! So each participant needs to bring their own water. We recommend at least several gallons of the stuff. We'll provide water at the start/finish area for people to refill water bottles, but you need to come prepared to be self sufficient. A long 8 hour race will demand fluids, and we'll work hard to keep up. OSMO will be in the house to help us with that, but it's gonna take a team lift!


Well behaved dogs are allowed, on leash only. Don't forget the poo bags. Quiet hours are for dogs too, so if your pup likes to howl at night, please leave them at home.


You may arrive on Friday starting at 1:00 pm, and must depart on Sunday.


  1. All racers start together at 8:00 am Saturday.
  2. On lap 1, all riders' lap times start at 8:00 am, and conclude when you pass through the finish arch.
  3. For teams, a rider's lap time begins when their teammate completes their lap.
  4. You may start a lap up until 4:00 pm.
  5. Laps must be completed by 5:00 pm, when timing stops.
  6. Being mean or unfair to others will get you disqualified.
  7. Technically speaking, if the racing is tight, competitors could race up to the 9 hour mark at 5:00pm.


  1. We keep track of racer laps with our very own in-house RFID race scoring system: Rhesus™.
  2. The most laps accumulated in the shortest amount of time wins.
  3. Results are provided in real-time with digital touch-screen displays located in the festival near the finish line so you can see how your doing throughout the day.


At Boggs you are required to pack out whatever you pack in. We do not offer trash service. Be a grown up here. If we catch you leaving your crap behind, you'll be voted off the island. If you're good enough to camp, you're good enough to care.


  1. Awards are given to the top 3 finishers of all categories.
  2. If a given category has more than 30 teams or more than 30 soloists, we extend the podium to the top 5 finishers in that category.
  3. You must be present to collect your prizes during the awards ceremony which takes place the day of the race at 5:30pm.


A detailed schedule for the weekend will be published soon!