May 3


Cobb, California


Boggs returns in









8+ hours

"If you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were." ~Modest Mouse.

Boggs 8-Hour is a mountain bike relay race that takes place annually in Boggs Demonstration State Forest near the small mountain town of Cobb, California.

The race started in 2006, and has steadily grown. It is one of the very few endurance relay mountain bike races alive and well today. You can race all 8 hours by yourself, or join in as a relay team of 2 or 3 people.

We encourage camping, and making an entire weekend of it. It usually rains or snows on us in some capacity, even in May for some reason. Somehow, this makes it special, memorable, and reminiscent of that very first year when flurries marked the start of our race, and the beginning of Bike Monkey.

Boggs was the first organized race that Bike Monkey ever produced. This place made us who we are.


Camp with us!

Since the Valley Fire in 2015, and subsequent restoration of Boggs Demonstration State Forest, overnight camping within the forest has been suspended.

Boggs 8 Hour is the exception to this rule, but you must have reserved one of only 200 spaces.

When you register for the Boggs 8 Hour race, you have the option of adding a car+tent or van campsite to your entry. This is required if you intend to camp at Boggs on race weekend. If you have not reserved a campsite, you will not be allowed to enter the forest on Friday before the race, and you must vacate the forest on Saturday after the 8 hour race.

What's In It?

Your Entry to Boggs:

Your entry fee gets you into one of the most historic mountain bike races in California. It also gets you a post-race meal, access to camp at Boggs on Friday and Saturday night (if you include it for a small additional fee when you register), an optional event t-shirt, and a post-race beer from Barrel Brothers Brewing Company.

Podium spots which run 3-deep will make off with a one-of-a-kind commemorative event poster that's always handmade, and a smattering of other prizes.

We encourage you to bring the family. Camp. Enjoy a very special forest in a very special way.

A super fun race course

The Course

Each year the trails we use to race for 8 hours (9 if you are able to get back out on course before the clock strikes 4:00 pm)* are very familiar. Sometimes there are small adjustments depending on the condition of the forest or our attitudes. But you can expect something similar to the following statistics:

7-9 Miles per lap depending on the year/conditions, and about 35 minutes for the fastest times of the day.

*When the weather is suboptimal, we abbreviate the race by strarting an hour later.



1:00 pm -- We welcome you, dear campers! Please don't arrive earlier than 1:00 pm, we need the morning to set up and make sure everything is ready.
5:00 - 7:00 pm -- Packet Pickup
10:00 pm -- Quiet time please! Big race tomorrow.


6:00 am -- Quiet hours end / Same day arrivals open
7:30 - 9:00 am -- Packet Pickup (due to later start)
9:00 am -- Mass Start! No vehicle traffic allowed around Calso Camp.
11:00 am -- Beer is flowing!
3:00 - 6:00 pm -- Rider meal is served!
4:00 pm -- You may start a lap until that time
5:00 pm -- Timing stops. Laps must be completed by that time to count
5:30 pm -- Podium ceremony
10:00 pm -- Quiet hours start

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