Race Details

Boggs Demonstration State Forest: Cobb, California

Boggs 8-hour mountain bike race takes place in Boggs Demonstration State Forest just outside of the quaint mountain hamlet of Cobb, California. It was the very first mountain bike race that Bike Monkey ever produced. In 2015, a fire started nearby and laid ruin to much of surrounding communities and Boggs forest itself. Thanks to the hard work of the Redwood Trails Alliance, the trail system in Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is being restored, and we are able to host this historic race yet again!

2023 Race Course. View on Strava.

The 8 Hour Format

Approximately 8-9 miles per lap and around 1,500' of elevation gain. Course details are still being resolved as new trail is breaking ground as you read this message. We intend to run a route that's as close to the original as possible however some realignments have been done due to the massive impacts of logging that took place over the years. Bonus: the new trails have and are being been built and restored with a mountain biker's eye.


  1. All racers start together at 8:00 am Saturday.
  2. On lap 1, all riders' lap times start at 8:00 am, and conclude when you pass through the finish arch.
  3. For teams, a rider's lap time begins when their teammate completes their lap.
  4. You may start a lap up until 4:00 pm.
  5. Laps must be completed by 5:00 pm, when timing stops.
  6. Being mean or unfair to others will get you disqualified.
  7. Technically speaking, if the racing is tight, competitors could race up to the 9 hour mark at 5:00pm.


  1. We keep track of racer laps with our very own in-house RFID race scoring system.
  2. The most laps accumulated in the shortest amount of time wins.
  3. Results are provided in real-time so you can see how you're doing throughout the day.


  1. Awards are given to the top 3 finishers of all categories.
  2. If a given category has more than 30 teams or more than 30 soloists, we extend the podium to the top 5 finishers in that category.
  3. You must be present to collect your prizes during the awards ceremony which takes place the day of the race at 5:30pm.


$172 per person. Commemorative shirt is included.
Does NOT include a campsite. See below...


  • 3 days of venue access, pre-riding, racing & relaxing in the pines.
  • Post-race meal.
  • A really well-designed commemorative t-shirt.
  • Post-race beverages.
  • The race itself.
  • All venue use fees are included.


Camping is not included with your entry. You must reserve your campsite separately during registration.

You must reserve your campsite at the time of registration or by emailing us before Wednesday before the event at 12 noon. You cannot just show up at Boggs and expect to grab a site. You are required to purchase a site in advance.

200 sites will be made available on a first-come/first-serve basis at $50/site, paid at the time of registration (make sure to include a campsite to your race entry).